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Carpet Cleaning Service – The DRYPRO Cleaning Process

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DRYPRO has invested in  a specific process that is designed to achieve the maximum cleaning results while delivering the best price.

The BIG TRUCK: The first thing you will notice about DRYPRO STEAM SERVICES  is that we are not your standard, run of the mill carpet cleaning company. We have a very high standard of customer service, commitment to achieving the best results and the fastest dry times. We’ve made this significant investment in the very best equipment available  because we love being able to deliver that ‘WOW’ experience to each and every client. “Having the most powerful machine in Lenawee County “is more than just driving a big truck around- it’s what’s inside that counts.

Uncomparable Suction Power: Your carpets are extracted with fierce power that leaves your carpets nearly dry before we are even done! Our system removes 50% more soil than other companies which means your carpets will last longer, stay cleaner and look better!

Chemical-Free Cleaning: The DRYPRO technology utilizes 260 degrees of purified enhanced H20 that rinses your carpets without the aid of soaps, detergents or chemicals – unlike traditional carpet cleaning companies . Most companies use soaps and detergents to aid in the process because they lack 3 things: Suction Power, Heat & The Pure Rinse Formula!

Fast Dry Times: Our patented extraction wand has increased air flow technology: similar to an air-intake on a car, the larger the diameter of airflow, the more air travels through the tool. Using our extraction wands in combination with our BIG TRUCK allows us to clean DEEP down to the backing of your carpet (without over-wetting, like other companies). The results are sure to blow you away!

Care Commitment: One thing you will notice right away about DRYPRO is that we are professional, uniformed, educated and ready to deliver the absolute best experierience you’ve ever had. We treat your home like a castle because we know how hard you’ve worked for it and everything in it. Here are some things we do to protect your home during the cleaning process:

  • It is a DRYPRO company policy to wear shoe covers at all times. It is our job to “remove dirt” not bring dirt in.
  • Walls and corners are protected with our “Corner Guards” to ensure that your walls and paint are left just as they were prior to our arrival.
  • Teflon glides are installed onto our extraction wands so that your walls are protected from nicks and scratches during the cleaning process.



Our Mission Statement

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