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As you can see from my picture, I look happy! That’s because I just found out we have another happy customer. When my customers are happy, I am happy!

Seriously, our goal is to offer you the best service that can possibly be delivered. We not only want to solve your problems in the area of odors, allergies and mold, but we want you to be thrilled when we do.

At Odors Gone Guaranteed, our slogan is “If we can’t take the odor away, you don’t pay.”

Please call us today to help you solve your issues with odors and allergies that no one else has been able to solve.

Hi! I’m Pam, Dave’s wife and business partner for the last 35 years. We were a two-man team when we started, and have grown into a successful multi-employee operation. I have been an integral part of the business, involved in the day to day operations and am energized by the possibilities our sister company, Odors Gone Guaranteed brings to our community.

As a team, we can serve you in many aspects of your daily life, from eliminating odors from smoke, cooking and pets to cleaning your carpets and improving air quality in your home.

I look forward to our community and the surrounding areas reaping the benefits from the services offered by Odors Gone Guaranteed.

I joined the team at DRYPRO Steam Services in 2015. As the Customer Service Manager, I have been on the other end of the phone with distressed customers calling to have odors removed from their homes.

I am excited to be able to offer them this Miracle Gassing Vapor through our sister company, Odors Gone Guaranteed, that will eliminate the odors, greatly reduce allergens, improve air quality and rid buildings of mold.

We stand behind our guarantee and want all customers to be 100% satisfied with the amazing results we are seeing with this product.

Anthony has been working with us for over 2 years. He has taken numerous classes and been trained by IICRC, the Carpet and Cleaning Restoration Authority in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry.

He takes great pride in his work and our customers love his professionalism and his attention to detail.

Dry Pro Steam Services

Dave Snyder started in the carpet cleaning business with his wife Pam in 1975.  He has been the owner, operator and originator of three successful carpet cleaning operations.  Dave is a life long resident of Lenawee County, and has enjoyed serving the Business Community owning and operating businesses in Adrian, Coldwater, Jackson, Tecumseh and Toledo, Ohio.
Dave and Pam decided to purchase the worlds most powerful cleaning system for their Dry Pro business after enjoying the “Big Truck” experience in their vacation home in Florida several years ago.  Dave said what convinced him was not only the deep cleaning ability of the system but it was the fastest drying steam cleaning process he had ever seen.

By the time the technician had cleaned the third bedroom, the first two were completely dry.  We were use to promising customers four to six hours drying time, now in most cases we can guarantee two hours or less.  Quick drying is a big key to cleaner, healthier, longer lasting carpets.  In addition to the fastest drying time, Dry Pro’s “Big Truck System” removes up to 50% more soil than any other system available today.

With Dave’s extensive experience and education in the industry as well his dedication to 100% customer satisfaction, Dry Pro becomes the obvious, best choice, for all your professional cleaning needs.  Call about our TWO HOUR dry time guarantee.

Dave and Pam and the staff at Dry Pro Steam Services have a goal to make everyone we provide services for, “OUR CUSTOMER FOR LIFE”.